MapToaster Topo Maps for iPhone & iPad

MapToaster for iPad and iPhone provides detailed reference maps wherever you go. The app is a free download from the Apple App Store, and includes a 1:250,000 scale topographical map of New Zealand.

1:50,000 scale topo maps are available for in-app purchase and these include:

  • New Zealand South Island and Stewart Island
  • New Zealand North Island, Kermadec group and Chatham Islands
  • The NZ sub-antarctic islands - Antipodes Is, Auckland Is, Bounty Is, Campbell Is, Snares Is, Antarctica around the area of the Ross Sea

MapToaster NZ Topo Maps for iPhone & iPad

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MapToaster Topo/NZ™ - Topographical Maps of NZ

Developed by Integrated Mapping, MapToaster Topo/NZ is New Zealand's only topographical mapping package, with all the rich detail of the paper maps, 1:50,000 though 1:2 million scale maps, integrated aerial photography included as standard and easy-to-use software. more »

MapToaster Mobile/NZ™ - Topographical Maps of NZ

This product provides high-quality topographical mapping for use with Garmin™ handheld GPS units. Developed by Integrated Mapping Ltd, these maps closely follow the cartographic standards of the familiar Topo50 paper maps. more »

MapToaster NZTM - Coordinate Conversions

Easy to use software for converting MapInfo(tm) tables between NZMG the new NZ Geodetic Datum 2000 & NZ Transverse Mercator Projection. The latest release does bi-directional conversion between NZTM and NZMG and also can import Local Circuit data. Download the demo. more »

Map Series Generator

This add-on for MapInfo automatically generates and prints tiled map series such as planning maps, saving huge amounts of time. Contact us for more information.

NetMan - Linear Referencing

Automatically maps data that is located by offset from a start point. For example, you can take roading attribute data and create lines or points that correspond to offsets and lengths along a roadway. This software is an add-on for MapInfo. Contact us for more information.